Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Lead us not into Temptation .....

Well the sun has finally shown itself, so instead of a mad dash around the plot, I was able to spend a couple of hours up there and spotted two kiwi-fruit sized Temptation melons ! Having not grown them before, they don't quite look how I thought they would. I'm really excited - I've put a piece of stone under them both in case they suffer from rot later on in the season.

Temptation2 copy

Temptation copy

The cantelope plant has 7 flowers with babies attached, so I hope a couple set. I've given up on the poor Edonis - its tiny following the slug attacks and although it looks to have set a fruit (how I ask myself) I don't think its going to do anything now.

I found some cauliflowers lurking in between the weeds. Most of the curds are not covered and probably won't last long, so I cut three for tea. They are each about the size of my hand. I think I'll try them again next year.

cauliflower copy

My Rocket potatoes are so big now, that I'm having to bake them. The ones I dug on Sunday were bigger than my hand ... took me ages to find them in all that wet earth, never mind eat them.

The Sweet Olive Plums have finally ripened - picked 5 in total. The fruits are very small, but the plants are absolutely dripping with flowers and fruit - perhaps quantity makes up for size. The cristal haven't changed at all.
SweetOlivePlumRipe copy

My tasty grill peppers are forming - they are a totally different shape to the Gypsy. I can't wait to try them.

I've cut down some of my autumn sown broad beans as they are looking past their best. I've left the roots in the bed, to try and maximise the nitrogen, and have dibbed in my leeks, which really should have been planted earlier.

I went to the Carfield Farm Raspberry day on Sunday. It absolutely poured down all day, but I met some new friends and sampled some beautiful golden rapsberries. I've never been before, so braved the rain to have a wander around. It is run by volunteers who meet once a month (for half a day) and it looks surprisingly good to say it gets so little attention. Now that my plot is a little more manageable I hope to try and join them. Here are some very bedraggled flowers:

Daisies copy

pinkflower copy

yellowflower copy

yellowflower3 copy

yellowflower2 copy