Sunday, 30 March 2008

Back in business

Spurred on by my earlier forays to the lottie, I tried my luck for a third time and managed to get a bit done before the heavens opened.

I've been thinking about what to plant in the bed that is next to the glass greenhouse. From memory it is the only bed that has not been manured (originally it was my root bed) and in honesty I think its probably my poorest bed. I dug out last seasons remaining beetroots and added them to the 'eat all you can buffet' formerly known as the compost heap. I'm pretty much decided that I'll sow Phacelia and perhaps some buckwheat - the bees absolutely loved it last year so it should be beneficial for the greenhouse too.

beetroot bed copy

I've noticed a big problem with my compost heap ... most of the 'good' stuff is disappearing, yesterday for instance a huge carrot that was past its best was added .. today it had disappeared ! OH suggested putting up a polite sign ... I wonder what he has in mind ... perhaps it will need to be multi-lingual.

The Phacelia in the Artichoke bed was springing back into life, so I have turned it in - I think this has the effect of improving the soil. I'd also promised next door a Globe Artichoke when I thinned them out - its heeled into bed no. 2 for now until I see them next, hopefully the plant will recover - it had huge tap roots. Whilst turning the soil I came across one of my missing gloves - I have no idea how it got there ... I wonder where the other one is ...

IMG_0384 copy

Mr Frog was back again, he is a very happy fellow and let me tickle his tummy. He is a very patient subject. No sign of his friend today, just him.

happy frog close up copy

There was no croaking today, perhaps it was too cold. I'm sure he is smiling at me :)

froggie close up copy

Some fresh frogspawn has appeared in the pond overnight - I have about 10 clumps of it now at various stages of development. The new stuff looks like jewels glittering in the sunlight.

frogspawn1 copy

frogspawn close up copy

Frogspawn copy

There is evidence of a visitor to the pond, either a cat or a fox ... I hope they are not planning to practice their fishing skills ... Its surprising how protective you can feel towards little globs of spawn !