Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Distractions, distractions !

oh dear, I may never get anything done again !!!

The new kittie arrived at the weekend. He has just got over the sniffles. He has two switches - on and off.



Oh my God, he is soooooo cute and gorgeous. We have spent hours watching, laughing, stroking, coo-ing ... I have to really tear myself away to go to work

my name is copy

wakemeuplater copy

He loves my laptop - the flashing lights, fingers dancing across the keyboard, the heat, the mouse and images swirling around the screen ! Oh and of course, its very comfortable for a little snooze !

sleeping kitten2 copy

sleeping kitten copy

We love him to bits already, but he still doesn't have a name ... although 'terror' seems to fit him. I'm boring everyone I meet with tales of how cute he is and OH calls me at work to tell me that "the kittie has woken up" or "the kittie has eaten some food" or "the kittie blah blah blah".

I think he and Ianto are going to be really good friends, they've got over the surprise and shock of meeting each other and have been spotted 'kissing' (ooo, maybe they're the only gay cats in the village !)