Sunday, 13 April 2008

slowly, slowly ...

I realised that I needed to get sowing seeds, otherwise there will be nothing to plant later ... the weather is atrocious, really cold and wet, so I was a bit half-hearted really, but I did manage to do my tomatoes and peppers ... finally I hear you say - most people I know already have fairly sturdy plants, never mind. I'm sure they'll soon catch up:

tomatoes copy

peppers copy

I've also planted some courgette seeds, but am going to wait until next weekend until I sow anything else - hopefully the weather will a bit warmer then.

I purchased some seedpotatoes during the week, I've got Kestrel and King Edwards to join the Vales Emerald. I'm thinking of popping a few of my Pink Fur Apple in too. It was too cold this weekend, so perhaps next weekend I'll tuck them up

I seem to have lost another couple of panes of glass from the greenhouse, but it looks as though someone may have thrown something at them to break them vs the wind, as the pieces are very small have have a 'shattered' appearance. Nik & Marcele next door said that they've also had some panes broken and they suspect vandals too. They're replacing theirs with perspex type material.

glass copy

whilst clearing away the glass, I thought maybe it was time to dig the borders over. I stupidly tried the mizuna and yep, it blew my head off, it has now made a great addition to the compost heap - which had two little voles running around .. aww, so cute. Look what I found making itself at home in the greenhouse ... grrrrrrr

bindweed copy

My fruit trees are bursting into life, my plum especially looks very solid and healthy:

Plum Tree copy

My Lidl's Crab Apple gives the lottie a gorgeous splash of colour:
Crab Apple copy

and here is my Bramley Apple tree - it urgently needs staking as the recent winds have left it listing:
Bramley Apple copy

The phacelia has germinated very well, despite the cold weather and the ground is covered with little seedlings;

Phacelia copy

ooo, the tadpoles have arrived ... the pond looks brown, there are so many !

Tadpoles 2 copy

I think this is one of my favourite photos ever, the tadpoles are still inside their eggs and were wriggling frantically. They look like baby sharks !

hatching tadpoles copy

My king up is bursting into life
King cup copy

and the forget-me-nots have started to flower

forgetmenot copy