Friday, 12 December 2008

Well, its that time of year - quiet !!

Not much happening at the lottie, err, not that I'd know as I've not been for ummm, 3 weeks I think, maybe even 4. Gosh, I really should go and check out what is happening. Last time I was there the onions looked as though they were starting to green up, but there was no sign of the garlic or peas ... oh well, in the meantime here are some photos from my surprise day out to the Donna Nook Seal Colony;

B&WSeal copy

I think they were all grey seals, but their coats were all very different - they were so cute I wanted to take them home. The white ones are the babies (apparently they weigh 30lb when they are born !) they are only suckled for 18 days and then have to fend for themselves.

WhiteSeal copy

For most of the year the seals are at sea or on sandbanks, but during November & December they come to breed near the dunes on the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve at Donna Nook, which is actually part of the RAF bombing range !!! There are lots of notices up telling you not to stray when the flags are flying as you at risk of death !!!! There were amazing planes flying overhead making tonnes of racket, but the seal cubs didn't bat an eyelid.

SpottySeal3Contrast copy

They were very noisy - in fact if you'd strayed down there one night, you'd probably think you'd accidentally stumbled across a 'decay' of zombies having a party. One little fella kept blowing raspberries, he was very funny.

BlueSeal11Contrast copy

SpottySeal copy

BlackSealB&W copy

Cute huh. Bloody cold though :)

BlackSeal4Contrast copy


  1. Ahh yes, I know it well! I posted some pictures on my blog November 6th, they had only just started pupping. Your pictures are spectacular! Another blogger Veg Heaven has also been there. Maybe we have a meetup next year!!

  2. well isn't it a small world ! It was around a 200 mile round journey for us. I'd never heard of it before, it was recommended to my OH by one of his photography pals. I was amazed by how close you could get to them and how curious they were