Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year everyone

Well, my first visit of 2009 and I have baby peas :) They have taken weeks to appear and I'd actually forgotten about them, but fortunately they've looked after themselves very nicely.

Peas copy

They are about an inch high, so I'll leave the cloches on a little longer, mainly to protect them from the meeces, but we are also having some cold weather at the moment.

Peas2 copy

The door to my lottie has either fallen apart with the weather or had a little help from a two legged vandal (more likely the latter as the lottie a couple down also had its door hanging off its hinges). Nick helped me to nail it back together, but it needs replacing pretty soon. I seem to have loads of maintenance jobs to do - hopefully OH is coming to the lottie tomorrow to help.

No sign at all of my garlic and the onion sets don't have any signs of life - might need to replace them with new sets in March.

I finally got around to clearing out the glass greenhouse. It should have only taken 30 mins to clear and lightly dig over but I discovered dreaded bindweed so had to dig over quite carefully. I've started to edge the paths with strawberry plants. I'm also thinking of growing carrots in the greenhouse this year, maybe in black buckets.

Greenhouse copy

I spent the rest of the day slashing and first job tomorrow is to have a big bonfire.

We visited Whitby and the Mumbles over Christmas - poor Loki got car sick ... I'll let your imagination think about how that was for 2.5 hours in a hot car :( Loki (on the right) is 10 months old now.

Ianto&Loki2 copy

They are happy to be home and Ianto seems to like the kitten (AKA teenage thug) a bit more since their holiday - they've even been spotted snuggling up together ... aww:

Ianto&Loki4 copy

no, we didn't make it ... it just happened to be on one of the beaches ... OH isn't quite as cute as the kitties though :)

Jeremy copy

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