Sunday, 18 January 2009

Crime reference anyone

I'm in shock, I still can't quite believe it. My handbag was stolen today from the allotment, whilst I was there.

I didn't get there until around 12.30 as I'be been pratting about in B&Q for over an hour (don't get me started on THAT visit). Then I'd tried to get some wood that EEH had found at a local building site, but we couldn't find security to get it, so I dropped him back at home. Called OH to say don't bother coming to help with the wood, I'll just go to the lottie for a couple of hours.

Its been an awful day. The gates at the allotment have recently been oiled, so they swing somewhat when they are opened. Today has been quite windy and as I drove through the gates, one of them was caught by the wind and you guessed it, it banged the side of my car. I think it'll T-cut out. I hope.

Went to the lottie, new door is doing very well. Too well really, its dead easy to open now and swings silently at the slightest touch, whereas my last door had to be physically lifted and pushed and was very noisy.

I put my handbag into the brick greenhouse just inside the door and took some seedling compost to the glass greenhouse. After a quick reccie around the lottie I grabbed a spade and started to dig over the bed in front of the glass greenhouse ... with my back to the main door. Once I'd dug over the bed I planted it up with strawberries and put the picket fence down on side of the bed. It looked so nice I thought I'd take a photo to share with you. Went back to the brick greenhouse to get my bag and realised it wasn't there.

With a sinking stomach I went to see if my car had gone, but it was still there .... it took me another 20 mins before I thought to look in my coat pocket - fortunately I'd put the keys into my pocket and not as normal into my bag. It took me about another 30 minutes to decide that it really had gone and that I hadn't put it elsewhere. Our lotties are all enclosed by 5ft hedges and the few people I did meet hadn't seen anyone suspicious.

Got home and started to call banks & mobile phone company. My phone was used three times (got the numbers and passed them onto the police) and two of my accounts have had money withdrawn, two others were tried, but denied. I still can't believe it. Think I've called all the banks I have accounts with and blocked my phone. I've had to try and list everything in my bag for the police and will need to call our insurance company next to see if I am covered .. although OH thinks that the excess means that I probably won't get much back.

I feel sick, but I guess at least I am OK and material things can be replaced. It has brought home just how vulnerable I am up there on my own. I think I shall get OH to put a bolt on the inside of the door for security.

... at least I have a new strawberry bed :(