Wednesday, 7 January 2009

ooooo ... a plan !

I've been thinking for a while that the potting shed needs replacing before a stray gust of breeze blows it over.

Bouyed by the success of the new lottie front door I've been thinking more seriously about drawing up some plans. I've even strayed as far as Popular Mechanics ... unknown and scarey territory indeed for girls :)

The potting shed has been especially vulnerable since the curious incident of the door in the night, but not wanting to point the finger of blame I would never reveal that it was because OH didn't secure it properly, it just wouldn't be seemly. It's also got a big hole in the roof and there is a hole in the floor which the meeces use to plan their midnight raids.

I casually mentioned my idea to the boys and it seems that the boys actually quite enjoyed themselves replacing my lottie door and I appear to have one slightly reluctant helper and one extremely enthusiastic helper, so hopefully they'll balance out nicely and become a pair of competent builders (well a girl can dream).

We are now on the look out for suitable materials - my slightly reluctant helper (to be referred to as SRH henceforth) is supposed to be going to check out the skip on our neighbouring road as one of the houses looks to be having quite a lot of work done on it and my extremely enthusiastic helper (to be referred to as EEH henceforth) has decided to visit one of the local colleges, who are currently building a huge new facility. Not only does EEH has a garage but EEH may also have access to a van soon too so I won't need to worry about squeezing anything into my nice new(ish) car (I thought the doors were going to fall off when I transported the new front door). I have been scanning Freecycle - if I decided to build it from old washing machines we'd have been able to start this weekend. SRH is even in the process of joining the local library so that we can get some books on shed / greenhouse ideas and construction.

OH is very scathing about my general ability to measure things accurately - it all stems from one little teeney mistake that I made once when trying to order some wallpaper for a box room and it turned out I'd ordered enough for the box (but not the room LOL) ... but we don't want to dwell on such things, its just misleading :) (good job I work with some excellent engineers, so I can get them to look over my plans before I share them with SRH & EEH - and if there are any mistakes, I can always say that OH prepared them hee hee).

I'm quite excited at the prospect now of having a new and improved potting shed - ooo, maybe it could have its own sun porch too.

Crikey, whoever would have thought that I'd manage to get 'henceforth' into an allotment blog :D