Sunday, 4 January 2009

Boys will be boys

My lottie entrance had a certain charm, but sadly the door has reached the end of its useful life and so as promised, OH and a friend arrived yesterday to replace it with a new one.


oh what fun they had.



I left them to it and turned my attention to a bonfire.

Having failed dismally to get fires started previously I was well prepared on this occasion. I stopped off at the Co-op to get a box of firelighters and some matches (the witty shop assistant said, "you're not going to go and set yourself on fire now are you" .... "er, no, wasn't thinking of it ...") and had plenty of newspaper. My trusty chair which has seen a few too many days of bindweed action became the internal framework for the stack.

It was fed with the old lottie door and sadly my lovely blue bench which collapsed last year when Sue sat on it. I hasten to add, it was in a pretty sorry state before and you always had to lower your buttocks rather gingerly :)


Soon it was roaring away - it kept me lovely and warm:


There appears to have been no progress on the lottie next door, so I decided to chop down the huge buddlia that is shading my plot and fed that to the fire too.


These are the artichokes from a couple of years ago that I kept for the birds:


As the fire was dying down the boys couldn't resist a bit more larking about ... not to be tried at home children (despite their claims that it is 'totally' safe)


Perhaps if they'd worked a bit harder and played a little less I might have got a photo of the new door, but unfortunately it was completely dark by the time we left - I've been freaking myself out for the last couple of days having watched a few horror movies, the latest one being 28 weeks later - when Nick said hi yesterday, I nearly jumped out of my skin, over the fence and away up the road LOL, so I was really skittish by the time we left.

Hope its still standing when I go next LOL.

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