Sunday, 1 February 2009

ooooo ..... it's snowing !!

.. right now, outside my window :)


  1. wich part of the country do you live Mrs Duck? I'm in the south and though its very cold, we dont see much snow:( Tatty X

  2. You big kid. I'm going to be so disappointed if we don't have decent snowfall tonight, I thought we were supposed to get snow here!

    Sorry to hear you've 'lost' your confidence. I tend to plonk my ruck sack down next to where ever I'm working and drag it around the plot with me as I go. I also keep my mobile in my trouser pocket, but maybe that's a bloke thing...!

  3. slap bang in the middle(ish) ... Sheffield, South Yorks.

    The kitten has been mesmerised all day, watching the flakes fluttering about (he is sleeping now that its dark ... worn out poor little thing !)

    We had a spell of brilliant sunshine at around 2pm, then more snow, but its not laying ... so no excuses for work tomorrow :D

  4. hey Rob, I think I'll be OK after a few more visits.

    When I first got the lottie I used to put my keys & mobile into my pocket, but they kept dropping out ... OH had to ring the phone to find it :D Maybe men's trousers pockets are better designed

  5. Try a Cornish fisherman's smock. Two big deep pockets across the front, sturdy & strong, keeps the wind out and keeps stuff you need close at hand.

    PS - it's snowing in Greenhill too.

  6. C'mon Mrs Duck... let's see some snow pictures!

  7. Matron - no camera :(

    But OH has got some lovely pix of the kitten's first experience of snow :) I'll see if I can persuade him to send them to me.

  8. We've had 4 days of snow and it still hasn't lost its magic !!
    Regarding your bag, I have a similar set up to RobD, its never more than a few feet away from where I'm working and keys and mobile(when I remember it) are squished down into my jeans pocket.
    I'm sorry to hear you have lost your confidence, hopefully as you say after a few more visits you start to feel ok again.