Sunday, 12 July 2009

Too tired

Solo visit to the lottie for me today. We've been dancing for the last two nights and not been home before 1am, so I was a bit zonked and didn't spend long up there.

The Germidor Garlic has finally succumed to rust and didn't look as though it was going to grow much more, so I've harvested it all. The bulbs are lovely - a little smaller than the size of my palm. They are now drying in the brick greenhouse. The Cristo Garlic has a little rust, but still has green growth so I've left them in situ.

The raspberries are still plentiful. I made some Raspberry & Chocolate Brownie cakes ... I'd forgotten how fantastic they are, especially with lightly whipped double cream ! mmmmmmmmmm yum.

I harvested two pea pods, yes thats right - two whole pea pods ... and they may well be my last for the season :(

The squashes are kicking into action, but they are still very small.

Four very small courgettes had appeared and with a view to making pizza, I also took home a red onion and some broad beans. Unfortunately I forgot to get the pizza mix after purposely going to Waitrose. Doh !

The arron pilots that I harvested last week were made into potato salad - it tasted divine, so I've dug up another plant. I must remember to plant some of those again next year, they taste lovely and are keeping their shape when cooked.

The strawberries are giving very slim pickings, but the first of the blueberries were ready - all four of them ! I'm on a promise for an authentic American pancake recipe - just need a few more blueberries :)

I had froggies jumping out at every turn and managed to get a couple of photos: