Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Great Plant Sale !

With a bit of trepidation I pulled back the curtains this morning to be greeted by brilliant sunshine ! After the week we have had - snow in Sheffield on Tuesday and a week of frost - it was such a relief as today was the plant sale !

What a day it has been. Even before we'd finished setting up we had a stream of keen customers.


so many people turned out to support us, it has been fantastic. We've had lottie people, lots of residents from the area and even a few blog visitors :)



We had a great variety of things - fruit bushes, flowers, green manures, vegetable plants, even jars of jam - I think the only thing that didn't sell was any of the lettuces. Never mind, they will be potted on ready for our stall at the Heeley Festival in June. We sold out of leeks, courgettes, squashes, cucumbers, sweetcorn and rhubarb.



We have made a phenomenal amount of money, far more than I ever thought we would make. We got lots of lovely comments from our visitors and I think it will now become an annual event - only we'll start planning for the next one in November instead of March !


Most people also sampled our homemade cakes - needless to say, we sold out of those !



The weather has been challenging to say the least this week and I've had a few casualties - namely the amazing tomatoes that my folks gave me (they were 2ft high), a couple of squashes and those oh so difficult Okra ! All were in my glass greenhouse. Surprisingly my outdoor plants have not been affected at all


It's great to have some breathing space in my greenhouse and tomorrow I shall be dedicating some attention to my lottie ... what a novelty that will be :)

My greenhouse strawberries have been very tolerant of the overcrowding:



Another anenome has appeared - it's an amazing blue colour and looks lovely alongside the forget-me-nots and bluebells.


and life is gradually returning to the lottie - a lovely peacock butterfly was dancing around, but he flew away everytime I got near



Somethings are always frostproof - I know they are a pain, but aren't they beautiful: