Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My butt smells ...

actually it stinks ! I bought some chicken manure at the weekend and was advised to put it in a bag and hang it in a water butt and then use it as a liquid feed for all my seedlings & plants. It's only been in the water 3 days and boy oh boy what a whiff ! I'll probably end up with every fox in the area coming to look for imaginary chickens


I've finally got some space in my greenhouse. I've planted a cucumber (Marketmore which aparently is supposed to be an outdoor one - eek !) and 6 x Roma, 2 x Golden sunrise, 1 x Gardener's Delight, 1 x Vanessa.


My sweetcorn has been out for a few nights now and seems to be doing OK. I've got two varieties - Tasty Gold and Extra Early Sweet, so I've planted them either side of the greenhouse to try and avoid cross polinating. I've planted them in a tighter grid than last season to try and help with polination. I've also thought a bit about protecting them from the wind. Fingers crossed.


I've planted 4 x courgettes:


7 x squashes - I think ! There are some more at home, in the attic - not sure where they will go. Got 2 x Queensland Blue, 1 x Crown Prince, 2 x Turks Turbans, 1 x Avalon & 1 x Winter Festival.

This is a QB:

I've planted 42 beans:



My peas are nice and safe in a pigeon proof cage:

2010-05-16   Allotment  009.jpg

My baby beetroots are coming along nicely:


This is the first year I've grown Swiss Chard, I'm very pleased with it so far - hope the bloody flying rats leave it alone.

2010-05-16   Allotment  013.jpg

2010-05-16   Allotment  093.jpg

2010-05-16   Allotment  096.jpg

Even the roots are an amazing colour !

2010-05-16   Allotment  074.jpg

My potatoes have appeared this week - fortunately they missed the frost.

The recent frosts don't seem to have done too much damage to the apple trees - this is my crab apple:

2010-05-16   Allotment  085.jpg

remember that mysterious tree - it must have heard me saying this was it's last seaon. It finally blossomed - it's obviously an apple tree. So that's 5 apple trees I have in one form or another.

2010-05-16   Allotment  081.jpg

My Alpine Strawberry has survived:

2010-05-16   Allotment  109.jpg

Pond skater
2010-05-16   Allotment  100.jpg

A very UNWELCOME visitor - OH fed it to the tadpoles:

2010-05-16   Allotment  016.jpg

It was enormous:

2010-05-16   Allotment  040.jpg