Tuesday, 22 June 2010

27degrees in Sheffield ... ssssshhhhhh

I've not had much spare time for the lottie recently, thank goodness it is getting on with it on it's own.

My pea cage has been very successful - well mostly. I've had no critter / pigeon damage and now have lovely pea pods developing. The downside is that the peas have decided to grow into the netting and I'm not sure if I can get down the path inbetween them anymore ! Oh well, can't have everything - they do look good though, I'm very proud :) They are about 4.5 foot high now.


The potatoes are just coming into flower. Well I say THE potatoes, but of course I still have some in the shed ** waiting to be planted ** ahem.


My sweetcorn is coming along nicely. I've been paying particular attention to the corn that I pass on my daily commute and may try planting mine through black landscape fabric next year to see if that makes any difference. It's interesting that commercial corn is grown under plastic - I wonder how it gets enough moisture ?


The strawberries are small, but starting to ripen. I think I'll try and make an effort to space them over the winter - of course I have an enormous wish list for the winter, but a girl can dream ! The strawberries that are in the main bed are really not very good. I think the bed definitely needs manuring. The apple trees all have small apples on - no sign of disease ... yet. My rhubarb flowered this year - all three plants, so pickings have been a bit slim - presumably it'll be better next season. This is not such as bad thing as OH HATES rhubarb ! My raspberries are looking very promising - although they are slowly being engulfed by bindweed. Here's the blueberries - looks like I should be in for a good crop. They are going to be moved next season, as OH thinks they are blocking the greenhouse too much.


Here are my beans. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, so they are a little taller now. Still got some waiting to be planted ...


This is either my Crown Prince or my Queensland Blue. It's much bigger now (took photo about 2 weeks ago). The courgettes have all got flower buds on and some of the squash look as though they are thinking about flowering. Still got an Uchi Kuri to go in the ground !


I was very relieved to see this lovely sight shyly peeking out - I lost one plant over the winter and had weeded so 'hard' that I thought maybe the remaining two were not going to do anything this season. I'm going to sow some new ones in the autumn - lots of people were asking for them at the plant sale, so will kill two birds with one stone.


The pond & wildlife garden are looking stunning, although I will have to thin out the flag iris this winter - they are taking over the pond. The excess plants will go to next years plant sale. I've torn out hundreds of Ox Eye Daisies and the remaining plants are at that lovely stage - the minute they drop though, I'll be chopping them down and composting them !



2010-06-11   Allotment  029-400px

Life is never ending on the lottie - goodness knows what these are - I'm too soft to destroy them. You have to admit though, they do look very pretty.

2010-06-11   Allotment  001-400px

The comprey is absolutely stunning. It is covered with bees and smells lovely. The plant is huge though. The one next to the pond is OK, but the one behind the greenhouse got waterlogged and then blown over by the wind - I've had to string it up, but it will need moving to a better position I think next year. If you haven't got any comprey, I'd encourage you to get some. I've yet to make comprey fertiliser ... perhaps it'll out smell the chicken manure. Wonder which is worst ?




I think my favourite visitors to the lottie have got to be shield bugs, damsel flies and ladybirds.