Wednesday, 9 June 2010

lookie - the man the man !!!

Lookie - Medwyn Williams - ten times Gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show, current Chairman of the National Vegetable Society, President of the Welsh Branch of the same Society and a member of the Fruit and Vegetable Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society .... and he is talking to me !!! me me me. Not that I was excited. At all. I coulda just walked on by. Really. Had to budge that Carol Klein out of the way first - that's her in the green to the left and my mum grinning inanely behind us :)


Apparently his son has got him back into the show - he was last there in 2005 I think and now they are doing it together. We had a chat about how cold and slow the season has been - Medwyn was really worried about his stand and wasn't sure everything would be ready in time !!! I told Medwyn that I'd seen a programme a few years ago following him and his amazing vegetables and that he'd inspired me with my allotment. He seemed quite pleased :)

He took the President's Award this year ! What an exciting moment for a young whipper-snapper like me ;)