Sunday, 1 August 2010

I'd like to order some sunshine for this week please :)

Finally a couple of dry days !

Been busy doing lots of jobs - the onion bed had disappeared beneath rogue potatoes and bindweed and in protest a few onion flowers were waving in the breeze.


To say they went in so late, they've done pretty well and I've got some sizeable onions - better than previous seasons. Of course they are in the manure bed - but it's getting difficult to say that as it's now at the end of its 4th season ! Onions are now drying in the brick greenhouse.


I also took up the garlic, which has been suffering with the wet weather. The bulbs are tiny - similar size to the ones you get in the supermarket. Better than nothing though and considering how late they went in, I'm very grateful. Will definitely be planting in October this time - accidents allowing !

This is my monster carrot - it's as big as my head !!! You wouldn't believe how it smells ... really carroty. It's amazing - sadly for me it doesn't reflect any skill on my part as it is SELF-SOWN lol:


My beautiful peas have been neglected for the last 2-3 weeks, what with weather and then home commitments, so I was pretty downhearted to see that they have passed over their best. They were my best ever peas and definitely beneftted from the netting - however that was also their downfall, as it was so difficult to harvest anything. Need to find a happy medium next season. The old pods are now in the greenhouse drying - I'm wondering whether I can save the seed for next year. Some of the peas have already started sprouted in the pod.

The wildlife on my plot is thriving and I think must be mainly due to my lovely wildflower area next to the pond.


Despite digging up loads of teasels back in Spring there are still plenty around the plot. This photo was taken yesterday and today it has a band of purple flowers around it's middle. The flower heads feel lovely and silky when stroked - not for long though !


I have lots of butterflies on the plot, but they are very difficult to photograph, I have more luck with moths ... shall have to get my identification book out later...




mmmm puple beans !!!! yum, my favourite. Gold Rush have also just come in season and there appears to be some blue lake. In the greenhouse my one and only cannelloni plant is going great guns - hopefully it'll be even better now I've staked it ... it got tired of reclining on the floor :)


I'm amazed at how many ladybirds I have - I went to see how the artichokes are doing - sadly they still have lots of blackfly, but on just two artichoke heads I counted 27 ladybird lavae scuttling about !!


The most common one today was the English 7-spot - they were everywhere !


Not seen any yellow ones for a while though



The strawberries have obviously heard me muttering that it's their last season and are furiously throwing out runners - I have over 100 potted up at the moment. If they make it through the winter I should be in for a good season next year. I need to make some sort of cage to protect them from the birds next season. I also have big plans to have manure delivered this year, so the current strawberries in residence will be going to the great compost heap. I did wonder to myself as I weeded them this afternoon, why not just dig them up ...


The rain has been perfect for my courgettes (15 currently sat on the worktop, another 5 on the plants and 4 in our tummies last night LOL) and squashes. This is a turks turban - I've propped it onto a brick to protect it from the wet soil.


I've got three butternut squashes developing on one of the vines - fingers crossed I get a few more. Wonder if I'll ever beat my record first season.


This is the mystery bush - the tag is burried somewhere underneath the foliage - looks promising. Maybe it's a Winter Festival. Got loads of fruit on it;


This is how it starts out - two tone !


The comfrey is revving up for a second round. Must remember to stake it this time ...


Here are my borlotti beans, with the Crown Prince & Queensland Blue pumpkins in front and then the comprey in the foreground. The pumpkin leaves are huge (knee height) and there are lots of flowers and tiny tiny fruit ... maybe we need a bit of sunshine. Hint.


The allotment society are holding some skips days soon, so I must have a tidy up and find all those annoying pieces of plastic that keep apearing. I'm thinking of having some holidays in September to start dismantling the brick greenhouse - ooo now just think, if I could get that timed just right !

Rumour has it that the allotment officer is carrying out some re-inspections this week. It's ruffling a few feathers, but some of the plots are in a shocking state. Will be interesting to see how many eviction notices are served.

Maybe I should rename my blog to 'Duck ... the ladybird'. Wonder if it's only me that finds that funnee. Now, what was I supposed to remember ?



  1. What a lot you've got going on with the ladybirds and the beans.One good shot of a butterfly makes all the effort worthwhile. And those strawberries are going to take over the world! What's the variety?

  2. Be careful what you wish for. Went down to visit my parents and grandad yesterday in Northamptonshire, they've not had any serious rain for ages and the soil is like sand.

  3. Your squashes look great - our garlic was pretty rubbish too this year. But we've had virtually no rain, and everything is too dry. Our potatoes haven't grown at all.

  4. Mal - no idea what the variety are ... I inherited them :)

  5. Fantastic photos, the veg is coming on in leaps and bounds!

  6. Some sunshine would be good!! All this greyness is horrible.

    My strawberries are also runnering furiously and I was thinking of potting them on asap. do you let them root in the soil first and then pot them on?

  7. Woody, I used to molly coddle them, leting them root before snipping, but now I'm ruthless. I chop them off the main plant and then chop off the runner at either side and push down into good compost, water and hey presto !

  8. Wonderful photos! There are so many blackfly this year, more than I can ever remember. I lost my entire crop of broad beans to blackfly. The upside is that because I didn't spray i too have millions of harlequin ladybirds.