Sunday, 22 August 2010

what a smashing day !

finally it was D-day for the brick greenhouse ! My allotment site was recently awarded two grants for the provision of skips so with this in mind it seemed the perfect time for Demolition mayhem.

2010-08-21   Clearing old Greenhouse  001

We spent yesterday emptying it - no mean feat !

2010-08-21   Clearing old Greenhouse  006

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  001-500px

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  012-500px

and then today the demolition began in ernst. It didn't take much persuasion for the roof to come down.

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  029-500px

the local inhabitants were a little reluctant to leave ...

2010-08-21   Spiders  042-500px

2010-08-21   Spiders  050-500px

the brickwork although not in the best condition is still pretty solid.

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  063-500px

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  120-500px

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  148-500px

We took a car load of rubbish to the tip and have another lovely pile waiting for the next skip on site (isn't it funny the things you get excited about).

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  165-500px

You wouldn't believe the size of the bonfire we'll be having at some stage though !

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  157-500px

Still lots to do. No idea yet what we'll do with all those bricks - or where we'll put them ! God they are heavy.

2010-08-22   Demolishing old Greenhouse  156-500px

It finally stopped raining in Sheffield ... hurrah ! I took the opportunity to have a good look round the plot.

My carrots and beetroots are loving the rain - they are big and beautiful ! My beans are also loving the rain. Courgettes are good, however, I think my squashes would like a little more sun, but they are OK for now - well apart from my lovely turks turban looks to have rotted in all the rain and the slugs have moved in - grrr. My cauliflowers have been ruined by the rain - so far my cabbages and broccoli look OK.

2010-08-21   Allotment produce  001-500px

In the greenouse, my tomatoes are lovely - the plants I would say are my best ever, although they are not as tall as they are usually. Lots of tomatoes though - yum. I think my early watering strategy and then the magic chicken poo has worked wonders. My melon died tho - I wonder why ... and I only have one pathetic sized pepper - although in fairness it did go in very late. My lovely chillies that I bought from the plant sale have been eaten along with my marigolds. Still - got nice tomatoes :)

2010-08-21   Allotment produce  007-500px

The birds look to have beaten me to the blueberries - there were about half left ... just enough for Blueberry icecream !

The blackberries are lovely - time for the ever gorgeous blackberry and almond meringue cake.

2010-08-22   Blacberry meringue sponge  041-500px

2010-08-22   Blacberry meringue sponge  042-500px

another butterfly


yes, this is stupid cat no. 3 stuck up a tree. Stupid cat no. 2 got stuck on the kitchen roof last night. Stupid cat no. 1 looks pretty bright in comparison

2010-08-22   Kinder stuck in tree  009