Friday, 11 February 2011

Back to school !!

Like a lot of companies, my employer places great value on helping the communities in which it operates, so yesterday off I went with a couple of colleagues to help with a garden that our department is creating in one of the local schools.

The project has been ongoing for some months now with various activities taking place, from building walls, resiting extremely heavy metal railings, shifting tonnes of rubble to fill and level the site, making loads of wooden planters (70 I seem to recall!!) and shifting tonnes of top soil until finally it looks like this:

During a couple of earlier visits to the garden, I helped to make some of the wooden boxes that you can see in the shot above. They are different heights so that different age groups and disabled / wheelchair bound children can all join in the fun.

Our job yesterday was to turf as much as possible in 3 hours. Unfortunately for us it had rained non-stop for about 4 days, so the rolls were sodden and very heavy / awkward to handle.

Here is the before shot:

and this is after - we managed to turf the bottom end and one side of the garden (not bad for 3 hours):

This is the side view - it rained again last night so hopefully the turf will start to knit - it had lovely roots.

We're nearly at the end of the project - there is a bit more turfing to do, the planters need filling with topsoil, there is some block paving to go onto the hardcore area down the middle of of the garden and then I think some rendering on the retaining wall that some of my colleagues built.

It is already looking great - can't wait to revisit it in the height of the season, but maybe the most exciting thing I've learned during the project is that you can hire petrol driven wheelbarrows - who'd have thought ! Apparently they take about 4 times the load of a normal wheelbarrow ...

... now that might be useful if I ever get that manure delivered ...