Sunday, 6 February 2011

Stormy Weather ...

So my big plans for the weekend didn't quite pan out as hoped.

After my foray to the lottie last week I've been toying with hiring a rotivator all week. I know I know, I can hear you all shouting in horror, don't do it. But my main constraint when it comes to the lottie is time - I'm a weekend gardener by necessity. I work full-time and have a daily commute of 2.5 hours, so time is a really precious commodity to me.

I have several things I want to do this season, the main things being:
- clear the last remaining bit of the plot
- change the layout of all of my beds
- manure the whole plot
- erect the new greenhouse.

So my plan was to hire a rotivator for the weekend and rotivate the right hand side of the plot (as you look from the door). There is a little bit of bindweed on this side, coming in from the hedge, but otherwise it's creeping buttercups and dandelions. OH was going to help me take up all of my paths. Then when I'd rotivated the other side and taken out all of the old strawberries I'd planned to put the paths back in, but instead of having beds leading off the main path as they are now, I want to have long beds running alongside the main path (make any sense ?? LOL).

Then next weekend I thought I'd have some manure dropped.

Well that was all fine and dandy until the voice of doom spoke and informed me that the weather forecast was for stormy weather this weekend.

Oh how right that voice was ... but not so much about the weather, even with the battering of heavy rain and gales on Friday and Saturday. No, the worst definitely came today. Not weatherwise, but in the form of a committee meeting !

I've been a member of the committee for a couple of years now, but am getting seriously disenchanted it. Like most committees it consists of a mixture of people - some in this century, some still in the last century, some who who seem to end up taking on all the work and one or two who like us to listen to the sound of their voices.

Today we should have been reviewing the shop business plan - actually we should have reviewed it last month ... but instead, we've now had to set up a third, special, meeting and give up an evening to hear it - it'll probably be a pile of cr*p - the signs are there. We've had small cracks forming for a few months, but now war lines are being drawn and it's all very disillusioning.

How about this for a laugh - our Chairman doesn't even have a plot ! or our Treasurer/Secretary come to that. You'd think that would be a pre-requisit for being on an allotment committee ...

I have spent six hours today on committee business and it looks like next week I'll be giving up more of my precious time to help to help empty our dilapidated society hut that is at the point of collapse - it'll be the same faces I'm sure that turn up. I have much better ways to spend my precious time ... tempting.

There may be trouble ahead !