Tuesday, 15 March 2011

aarr'gghhh ... there b' treasure thar

Finally gotten arse in gear :)

Been to get my Humax potting compost this evening and sown:
- Roma Tomatoes
- Green Zebra Tomatoes
- Gardener's Delight Tomatoes
- Tigerella Tomatoes
- Celariac (Monarch)
- Lemon Crystal Cucumber
- Marketmore Cucumber
- Burpless Cucumber
- Musselburgh Leeks
- Marigolds - La Bamba
- Peppers - long red mechani something or other

I've been tidying my several carrier bag fulls of seeds - I've finally thrown out those runner beans that I really don't like and those onion seeds that I'm obviously never going to grow. I've discovered that I have 9 packets of beetroot (oops !), 5 packets of cauliflowers (at least I managed two varieties), hundreds and hundreds of herbie things and several thousand packets of tomatoes. I'm down to one carrier bag now. Much better :)

Got some Rooster potatoes from Wilkos - they can join the Maris Piper & Vivaldi's that I currently appear to be chitting on the back seat of my car ! On a promise for some PFA's too ... hopefully - really must get ass in gear !!

Good news from the greenhouse ... ta'dar !!! Here is my spinach. What to do with it now ? It's a bit cold for it to go outside ??

Other exciting news ... got my first dibber !!! dib dib dib :) You have no idea how exciting it is !! also got some big collar thingies to go under my strawberries.

Hoping to build a mini-greenhouse later to put into the attic to start my seeds off. Foolishly I forgot to bring home the plastic covers for my trays and the flippin' kitten has already walked through the leeks and the marigolds. Blommin' thing will be going to the shelter if it's not careful !!!


  1. My little darlings have killed off about half a dozen of my chilli plants so far by walking on them :>( I did start off with 40 odd though so not panicing just yet!

  2. It's great to get started isn't it. My hubby bought me some onion seeds one Valentine's Day (don't ask!!) and they're still in my tin too.

  3. Lovely photo of guttation on your spinach. Explanation at:

  4. Rob - am so trying not to laugh !! Wait until they decide that your seedlings look tastier than their food !

    Greenside - does anyone grow onions from seed ??

    hi Woody, alas, it's 'manmade' ... I have a habit of watering everything as soon as I get to the lottie and then, when everything has had some attention, I get out my camera :)

    still looks pretty tho ! I think I'm reflected, upside down in one of the droplets.

  5. I caught my cat sitting in the compost bag this morning!
    I've finally started planting seeds after scrounging pots and trays from various friends ...STILL waiting for the insurance money!
    I treated myself to a new spade though after I ended up planting 2 blackberry bushes with a shovel!!!
    Your trip to Gunnerside sounds lovely - not been there in ages!