Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hurrah ! the weather man was listening

Finally a lovely day ... and where have I spent the best part of it ... sat in yet another committee meeting ! Did we make any decisions or reach any conclusions ... don't be daft. Joy !!!!!!!! I had a walk around the site after the meeting with a friend to see the improvements that the allotment office have been making and have to say that when we are being charged £100 a plot I suspect they will not be able to get anyone foolish enough to take them on. They have chopped down lots of trees on plots - but left the stumps & roots !! I feel sorry for the office, things have been allowed to get so bad, that I'm not sure how they will turn it around. There is a lot to be said for being self-managed I think ...

I continued with my grand plan, taking up another two sets of paths and relaying them across the beds. Stupidly I tried to dig out the now dead artichokes with my lovely fork and have snapped that damn thing in two. So cross with myself. At least the beds are looking good. Took me a long time to dig out the bindweed - it is especially concentrated around the artichokes, so I'll have to have a think and come up with a plan to remove them. The newly created strawberry bed will need a through digging over, but I'm quite excited now - I can feel my enthusiasm returning. Got the two beds in front of the greenhouse to dig over still. Look at all that bare earth - lovely !!

Look at my new water butt to the right of the photo below, I'm very pleased with it - not bad for a fiver. Ideally I want to put it behind the greenhouse - possibly linking them - so I have 4 to feed the greenhouse in height of the season.


Here is the view from the other end - a few more nice days and I should be able to get most of my digging done.


The lesser spotted OH arrived mid-afternoon to help with fixing the broken pane of glass in the greenhouse. I realised once he'd arrived that the spare piece of glass that I have is actually the wrong size !!! doh ! so plan b) (I have a lot of those lately) was to cut down a piece of perspex. Thankfully I have a collection of several old and rusty saws just laid about - as you do. Somehow it became a two person job but the newly cut perspex is now in place and my greenhouse will hopefully start to heat up - just need to get rid of those pesky meeces now.

I shall be monitoring the weather forecast closely to find a nice day to get some manure delivered - hopefully in the next couple of weeks as weekends are a little busy at the moment. All things considered it is starting to take shape :)