Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hello, not much to report - too busy to do more than water the lottie at the moment - during my fleeting visits I've noticed that the strawberries have been and gone (doh), raspberries are about to fall off the bushes (double doh), courgettes have arrived, baby squash is grapefruit size, beetroots have swelled, carrots are growing strongly, peas are more than ready for picking and Javelin potatoes are ready for lifting ! Got lots going on at home, but will hopefully fit in a proper visit and blog update soon.

This is just a quick call out to all Sheffield Allotment holders.

Pat has emailed to advise that at the last Allotment Advisory (council meeting) the members were informed that there will be a consultation with tenants about rent rises 2013 - 2016 (remember that email doubling rents that some of us objected to a few months ago - relevant post here)

This consultation will probably be end of September / October. It is expected that a number of meetings will be held where various proposals will be presented and ideas and options discussed. There should also be the opportunity for submitting ideas / views by letter and email.

This will be discussed at the next meeting of the Allotment Federation - Monday 18th July, at Rivelin Valley Allotments (meet Rivelin Valley Cafe at 7.00 pm). All welcome to attend.


  1. Thanks Michelle; look forward to the next blog post.


  2. The white flower is yarrow if it is wild and achillea if it is grown as a garden perennial. The garden perennial was cultivated from wild yarrow.

    As for the mystery plant - how big is it as it looks a bit like a wild strawberry.