Monday, 13 May 2013

please don't be frosty !!!

My main tomato plants are now in situ - I've got some baby Roma & Gardeners Delight in the greenhouse, but they are still tiny ... which is a good job as the squashes are still sheltering in the small greenhouse.  It's getting pretty crowded now as I've also planted up my pepper.

From the front is:  Chocolate Cherry, Gardeners Delight, Roma & Golden Sunrise.

The A Team have suffered snail damage !  I caught the dratted thing in the act, helping itself to lunch !!!!!!!!

Fortunately I have some spares - the C team maybe !!

I think this is the first time my beans have germinated at first go :)  These are my French Beans .. the Borlottos are still popping up:

Here's where the magic happens haha

These are my two courgettes that have been outside for a week or so.  One is lovely & green, but one is quite yellow ... I thought it might grow out of it, but now I'm not sure whether it's got a virus.  I'll give it some seaweed feed at the weekend and see if that picks it up.

Here are the peas ... what lovely wonky lines I've sowed !  I think this weekend I'll need to go and find some pea sticks.  I've noticed the pigeons circling already and licking their lips grrr !!

Broadbean's are still standing :)

The apple trees are dripping with blossom and their perfume is beautifully delicate.

Strawberries have started to flower

My potatoes have all made an appearance - I need to get more compost at the weekend so I can top up the bags - these are my King Edwards

Sue from Green Lane Allotments blog asked me whether my Kiwi was self-fertile and if not, whether it was male or female ... well I hadn't even thought about it. Whilst dithering and looking online for help I noticed that it appears to be forming flowering buds

... and then guess what, the plant name & care label are tied around the bottom of the plant.  Good news - it is self fertile, so I might get kiwis this season :) :)

I think these are blue corn flowers, they are just bursting into flower

This is Vic's Hop vine, it is very vigorous and seems a bit stingy when you brush it with your skin

Fergie & Kinder have been out and about checking things out.

Not much progress on my house - so I've started digging over my garden.  My basic plan will be a large circular path, likely in gravel with paving, surrounded by traditional country garden flowers in purple, blue, pink & whites.  Linked to the path will be a small circular lawn (I'm not a great grass lover) with some vegetable beds on either side

I'm going to start moving the plants from the upper garden to the lower garden - I think this is spearmint - the leaves are furry and it smells / tastes lovely

This looks like it should be a kind of vegetable or salad, but it might be a herb, or a flower ... basically I have no idea haha

another flower has appeared in the front garden - not sure what it is

The bluebells are blooming - I've got pink ones, pale blue and dark blue ones

The pond has newts !! so exciting - I saw my first one tonight.  OH is very jealous :)  Unfortunately the cats take it in turns to 'fish'  - they are obsessed with the pond contents ... hopefully they'll desist once Vic and his doggies are back from their hols.