Monday, 6 May 2013

Wow - mini-heatwave in Sheffield !!

I've spent the morning potting up my hanging basket - in theory it should be purple, pink & silver when it flowers ... the theory is always good until the flowers appear haha

Here are my broadies ... looking pretty good - I've finally got around to staking them and have taken off the metal cage that they've been under since October. 

Once again I have the age old dilemma of how to support my peas ... canes & string proved extremely unsuccessful last time I used them, but I don't have any pea sticks as usual ... I've added the lower string as the peas are just popping through the surface, so I can dither for at least another week ... I also need to work out how to keep them safe from the pigeons 

This little beauty is my elephant garlic - I planted 2 cloves and I think it is going to be very impressive at the end of the season

Thank goodness my leeks have finally started to perk up

Now I might regret this, but I've planted out two of my courgettes - they are under cloches during the night .... we have a covered bed, a kind of mini-polytunnel that I'm thinking of moving them to.  Tricky time of year .... the news keeps talking about rural frost, hope it knows the lottie is in a city !!

I have spares just in case !

Two of my tomato plants have more than doubled in size, so I've taken the plunge and planted them in ring culture in the small greenhouse ... I'm edging the beds in strawberries :)

Going to give my pepper another week in it's pot and then pop it into the ring culture in the small greenhouse.  It is loving the sunshine

greenhouse progress

Each day it seems like another line of salad has germinated


this one is incredibly hot, it tastes like radish

more salad !

So out of my 6 cucumbers, 5 remain ... hurrah !  I've planted 3 of them direct into the salad greenhouse.  I'm keeping 2 as spares tho' - after all they are bound to kick the bucket with my past track record.  OH is under strict instructions not to water the neck.  Lets see how long they last :) 

The rhubarb has gone mental - all the plants are throwing up flower stems - I've pulled them off and put them into the compost bin, but suspect it will just throw up more

So many things are bursting into blossom - here is one of the apple trees

and the plum is in full flower too, along with the pear tree

I didn't manage to get a photo of the nectarine in blossom (it was like very delicate cherry blossom), but here is a picture of the fruits which are just setting.  Vic is away, so I'm in charge - hope I don't do anything bad to them  

The kiwi fruit is very vigorous - wonder if I'll get any fruits from it

Well I never knew that rosemary flowered - it has beautiful, delicate blue flowers - delightful

This is lemon balm - its a herb. Not sure what it is used for - it smells like cheap detergent ... mmmmm, yummy !