Sunday, 5 November 2006

Finally the courgettes are no more

Thank goodness - the recent frost has decimated the courgette bed, I'm quite relieved as they looked as if they might continue through the winter ... must try really hard to only grow one plant next year, OK, maybe two, but no more.

The Marigolds are having a last gasp, I'm surprised they've survived so long

Found another comparison photo of my very first bed .. I was so proud and excited when I got to this stage - reaching the path was a big deal ! It seems a very long time ago now ...

Planted my broad beans (Aquadulce Claudia) into bed 7 on Saturday. At Nicks recommendation I fleeced the bed to protect them from frost as they pop through the surface and also from the birds. OH mulched beds 2, 3 & 8 with leaves. We had another go at the hedge, but its going to take ages by hand. There appears to be a young-ish oak tree further down the plot, which I think I'll have to take down, to let the winter light in - feel very bad cutting it down, but it really is in the wrong place - will try and keep it as part of the hedge instead ..

We decided to start using the pumpkin this weekend, as it is taking up so much space. We made pumpkin, chilli & coconut soup on Saturday and pumpkin risotto today. The soup has a gorgeous Thai flavour. Risotto is nearly all gone and we've still only used an eight of the pumpkin at most. Thinking of taking some chunks into work to share it out. OH has asked me to make pumpkin pie, but it seems we have different ideas - I though PP was sweet, whereas he believes it is savoury, so I'll have to do some research on the internet.

The allotments were very busy on Sunday evening with fireworks and bonfires, whilst we were desperately trying to put together a greenhouse frame before darkness enveloped us. It is the greenhouse that I was promised back in spring by some friends which has had a few plants growing in it over the summer, the most notable of which has been a very established grapevine, which they have managed to save and plan to train up an arch. The greenhouse was too big for their garden and considered an eye-sore, so I was very happy to give it a new home ! Its huge (well, by my standards anyway). We've almost got the frame back together, but I need to get some more bolts & nuts, as some of them were a little corroded and sheared off when we were dismantling it. It needs a couple of panes of glass replacing, but overall looks pretty good. It comes with some fantastic staging too. So the next few visits to the lottie will be to dig over the ground where it will be sited, make a base and get it glazed / secured for the winter - sounds easy, right ??

I can feel a nervous breakdown coming on ... OH is already adamant that he wants nothing to do with the next stages.