Monday, 20 November 2006

New Greenhouse

The greenhouse frame is finally complete and was a lot easier to put back together than we thought it would be. Its weighted down by bricks whilst I try to decide on its permanent position. Once thats been decided and the ground has been levelled, it'll need glazing - suspect the air will be blue that weekend !

Whilst we were trying to fix the roof in place, the top crossbeam fell and hit me quite hard on the back of my neck - at first I thought the tears were just from shock, but actually it has been quite painful for the last few days - its easing now, but is still very tender to the touch.

One of the jobs for the weekend was to have a fire to get rid of the huge pile of weeds, hedge etc that seem to accumulate at this time of year. The wind has dried everything out and practically with one match it was away. Here is one of my favourite shots - the bindweed burning !!

I had a clearout of the brick greenhouse, which I've not really done anything with yet. Its heavily shaded by the hedge, so I'll have to take my ladders up one weekend and cut it down a bit. We found some suspicious looking sheets and sure enough the man at the tip confirmed that they are pieces of asbestos sheeting - when I contacted the Sheffield Council Allotment department to report it, they insisted it is up to tenants to remove the asbestos themselves.

When I took over the allotment I inherited a home-made potting table, which is really rickety. It satisfied my needs in spring, but was moved to the brick greenhouse during the summer to make way for the tomatoes. Having found a very sturdy table to replace it, its time was up and the fire beckoned. It was so old and rotten that it collapsed as we tried to move it - not a moment too soon.

We met some new lottie people on the same lane as us. They've only had their lottie for a month or so, but are making astounding progress. It's good to have some new people around, I had a good walk round recently and noticed that many of the allotments look abandoned and run down - although unbelievably there is supposed to be a waiting list ??

The apple tree has lost most of its leaves now, so I really need to think about moving it to somewhere more suitable - wonder what on earth possessed the last tenant to plant it next to the path.