Thursday, 4 January 2007

a list !

well I had a little think and this is my weekend list:

- Take Tin Bath to plot, make drainage holes
- Take Bay Tree to plot, repot
- Clear area next to compost heap for manure
- Move manure to newly created area (sifting out bindweed as I go)
- Knock pallets apart to make proper compost bin
- Christen incinerator
- Repot blueberry
- Check for daffodils
- Dig greenhouse area
- Lay base for greenhouse
- Secure greenhouse to new base. Glaze (on a non-windy day)
- Move bath (for carrots)
- Get sand to put in bath
- Position water butts outside greenhouse
- Make wood chip path in front of hedge
- Move strawberries to bed next to greenhouse
- Move rhubarb (if I can find it !)
- Dig rest of plot that has not been touched yet
- Make cold frame
- Clean potting shed

hopefully I'll be home in time for tea !