Monday, 1 January 2007

Another nice, bright shiny year

Got some excellent Christmas gifts for my lottie: incinerator (with a chimney !!), blueberry bush, bay tree, fleece cloche, plastic cloche, backpack and vango flask.

The incinerator is now nicely installed - just need some dry days so I can get rid of the ridiculously large heap of non-compostable stuff (mainly the hedge and bindweed). Had a lovely cup of tea from my new flask - my very first at the lottie, so very satisfying. In fact it was so good, I had one at the top of the plot and then one at the bottom.

The blueberry is self fertile (Sunshine - what a great name), so I only need the one. Have taken it up to the plot and intend to repot it next weekend - hopefully we'll be eating blueberry pancakes & muffins later in the year ! yum.

Had a bit of a tidy round, but I wish it would stop raining so I can make some real progress. Started to move the manure pile, so that I can lay the greenhouse base, but it's riddled with bindweed, so I'm having to sift it very carefully (I must have been very naughty in a previous life to deserve so much bindweed). Think I'll put it next to the compost heap ... hmmm, compost heap. It's not doing much composting. Perhaps it needs to be a bit warmer (it's not got a front), will need to look around for some more pallets - everytime we see some we've either got a car full of stuff already or we're on our way somewhere.

God there are so many jobs to be done - I keep wandering around aimlessly. Maybe I need a list, yes with a list there will be a plan and a plan means that things will get done ... doesn't it ?

Broadbeans are looking good, those that haven't been ravaged by the local wildlife that is. They are looking quite sturdy.

Been thinking about next years potatoes, even though this years are still coming out of my ears. The pentland javelin started to sprout in the cellar head a long time ago and now look like extras in some weird alien film - the two blue trays have fused together. Going to put it off a bit longer, but will have to do something with them soon, or they may actually develop plans to take over the world, mmmwhhhhhawwww ... well OH's house at least. Not made a decision yet, but am thinking about anya, charlotte, international kidney, pink fur apple and cara.

Still on the look out for shallots and saw some today in B&Q of all places - £1.98 for 10 ... and still I didn't buy them. One purchase I'll definitely be making is at Nettos on Monday 8th when their seeds at .19p a packet arrive (being as I'm so short of seeds 'n all).

Ken, my next door but one lottie neighbour, and I have complained about the state of the allotment in between us. The owner has only been seen twice in just over a year and a few months ago their greenhouse collapsed into the public lane. Ken has left telephone messages with the council and I've sent an e-mail, so hopefully we'll get a response. I'm half toying with the idea of taking it over myself. I think if I had a family to feed and more time (!) then I'd seriously consider it, but OH and I have been overwhelmed with the produce from this season, and the lottie is not even fully functioning yet ... still, its a thought though isn't it ... now where did I put that list

Happy New Year to you all