Monday, 28 July 2008

arrrrgggghhhh .... its courgette time

Oh my god !!! So much for keeping on top of the courgettes. They have gone barmy and today I picked 18, yes thats 18 from cricket ball to small football size. Two have gone into courgette quiche and two have been chopped up and roasted. So four down ... when are those first frosts due ?

yellowcourgettes copy

courgettes1 copy

courgettes copy

The peas are looking worse for wear and I suspect that these might be the last of them. I've still to sow the remaining packet. Some of them had grubs inside, I'm not sure how to avoid them

pEAS copy

It looks as though my first Gypsy is just developing, hopefully if they grow as long as last year, I may get some peppers yet !

gypsy copy

I pulled my first beetroot today, although they are still sat on the worktop waiting to be cooked.

beetroot1 copy

Beetroot copy

It seems that my potatoes don't have blight, they are just dying back naturally. The potatoes are quite small and I don't think I'll try the variety again. I've made them into potato salad to go with the quiche.

ValesEmerald copy

Here is one of Ken's swedes, I've not grown them before so I don't know if it is doing well or not. Not sure yet what we'll do with them (especially as the carrots appear to have popped their clogs)

Swede copy

After a very poor start, thankfully the beans look to be making progress at last and they are all in flower. Here are my canneloni:

Canneloni copy


Borlotti copy

and Scarlet Emperor:

ScarlettEmperor copy

We are having a fabulous supply of artichokes .. here are the latest batch about to go into the oven. I think we are getting addicted to them.

Artichokes copy

Its quite nice to be able to go to the lottie with a shopping list - today I wanted strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, artichokes & courgettes.

Sadly it looks as though the strawberries have finished. Just as I've found a fabulous recipe too. Fortunately I had just enough to make strawberry & raspberry oaty bakes and boy are they good. Next time it'll just be raspberry oaty bakes.


  1. Well done you! Fabulous pictures. I particularly liked the pepper flower, simple yet beautifully perfect.I too have had problems with pea moth. You could try putting fleece around them,the worst time for these little blighters is between June and August,but early or later sowings aren't affected so badly. Karen

  2. So great to see such a fabulous harvest! I can't keep up with my courgettes either!

  3. I'm worried too about courgette over production (got 5 plants) as I'm away with work for a week and dread to think what I'll arrive back to!! Must check that my OH is keeping an eye on them...

  4. I can give you some lessons on plaiting garlic if you want ;>) If I ever get round to updating my blog I'll post a picture!

    Have the same issues with my spuds, so I'm hoping it's natural dying back too. Looks similar to your picture, fingers crossed.

    Also have nice recipe for Moroccan style cougettes if you're interested?

  5. What a fantastic haul! if you want an idea for your yellow squash.. come and see my pie!