Saturday, 5 July 2008

what a week

Loki the kitten went for his second jab this week and we took Ianto with us to meet the vet for the first time. Unfortunately when the vet looked at Ianto's teeth he announced that he needed urgent dental surgery. So the next morning he had his two back teeth and two canine teeth out. He is looking a little sorry for himself, poor little thing and keeps scratching his face (and hurting himself). The plus side is that his breath smells better and he seems less subdued. Consequently I haven't had much spare time this week for the lottie. He goes for a post op check up on Tuesday evening.

I did however manage to stake the peas and they are looking better already. I picked a trug full today.

peas2 copy

pEAS copy

The leek has flowered, it is beautiful - I'm going to try and collect the seed (once I've googled what to do !)

Leekflower copy

The green courgette has been quietly growing and has produced a baby courgette. I think it is going to overtake the yellow ones at this rate:

Courgette copy

I don't know how they managed it, as they were all different sizes last week, but 5 of the cauliflowers have all matured at the same time. They are now sitting on the kitchen worktop while I try and decide what on earth to do with them.

I had a little furtle under the potatoes and stole these three ... I think I have enough incredients for samosas (just need a recipe now).

potatoes copy

I picked another 1.5kgs of strawberries today and 500g of raspberries. We've been munching our way through the strawberries and the raspberries have been turned into ... wait for it ... jam ! (we've heard there may be a shortage this winter, so we are building our own personal stockpile). The rest of the strawberries are going to be made into more jam tomorrow.

Raspberryjam copy

Here is the greenhouse buckwheat:

Buckwheat copy