Sunday, 11 April 2010

OMG, the plant sale is taking over my life ... spent three hours this morning pricking out seedlings & sowing new things. Three hours !!! and that was with help. Seems to be generating a bit of interest, so that's good - lots of people popping into the greenhouse to see what we're growing ... we've even started selling the red cabbage, cauliflowers & broccoli :) One chappie asked me whether we are selling our leeks by the 100 ... er, that'll be a no ! LOL. Why would any sane person want 100 leeks ;P

Once I'd had enough fun pricking out 300 cauliflowers it was time to visit my lottie. Sole aim of today was to plant my potatoes. Am very ashamed to say that my manure has come from B&Q ... again ! But needs must ...

So each potato got 2 spades of manure and some newspaper ... I've still not managed to get hold of any grass clippings ! I've planted 5 x Wilja, 10 x Charlotte & 10 x Cara. Got some Pink Fir Apple at home that still need to make it as far as the lottie.


Once the potatoes were safely tucked up I had a quick look in the greenhouse. Can you believe those peas I sowed earlier in the week - was it Wednesday maybe - have already germinated ! Look at these ... and not a mouse in sight :)


I also pricked out some more tomatoes - they are terribly small, they'd better get a move on. Also potted on some Crown Prince Squashes - the roots / plants look splendid.

Brings my week's holiday to a nice close ... back to being a weekend gardener for me now.