Sunday, 18 April 2010

There may be trouble ahead ....

Look at my greenhouse ... it is bursting at the seams and then some. The shop greenhouse is also bursting at the seams and I've farmed out another 7 blue trays filled with beans to another greenhouse temporarily. Yes indeed, those blue trays are stacked .... we're still on plan A - germination ! I have no idea what plan B is once germination takes place. OMG ... breathe, breathe !


My cabbages, cauliflowers & broccoli have been braving the sun today ... I was toying with the idea of starting to harden them off, but having watched the TV tonight and seen all the frost that has been forecast next week I'm so pleased I didn't:

red cabbage

... and here is my secret weapon. Du-dur-durrr ! It's a pigeon cage :) Well actually it's a cage for my lovely brassicas and hopefully the flying rats won't be enjoying a buffet a la duck this year.


Here are the fabled Okra plants ... all destined for the plant sale, hopefully my fellow allotmenters will be up for a challenge !


These squashes are also destined for the plant sale. I spent Saturday potting them on amongst lots of other stuff:


This Queensland Blue is destined for my plot ... not sure yet where everything is going to go:


My Swiss Chard is looking lovely ... wonder if I'll like it ?

Swiss Chard

Wow, my first tray of sweetcorn has appeared ... not a meece in sight !


Here are my lovely peas ... again not a meece in sight. Hmmm, this season is going too well so far ...


After spending all day yesterday potting on and sowing and then another two hours this morning sowing in the Shop greenhouse, I'd run out of excuses and it was time to make a start on the jungle. It has taken around 4.5 hours to dig this tiny bit of earth - and that's the reasonably easy bit, ie, I've already cleared it twice, or was that three times, I've lost count. Let this be a lesson to all you newbies ... think, think THINK carefully about where to toss the weeds when you first clear your plot !


new bed

My rhubarb plants are finally looking like rhubarb and not some weird alien species:


The frogspawn has hatched and the pond is once again filled with wriggling little tadpoles:


King cup is looking lovely:


This is naught Kinder ... he is on top of the kitchen cupboards, worrying a poor fly up in the sky light. Eventually he did what all cats do and forgot where he was and jumped ... he had a very ungraceful landing !