Sunday, 15 January 2012

Here's another shiney new year filled with hope, joy and new beginnings ...

... or then again !

... just before Christmas the greenhouse panels next to the door blew out and smashed leaving it very vulnerable. I didn't get chance to do anything about and sadly we've had gale after gale after gale ... here is the result :(

pretty catostrophic huh :(

The frame has lifted, twisted and collapsed. The base was cemented breeze blocks and the frame was screwed to said breeze blocks, but the wind was so strong it's actually torn the frame from the breeze blocks and even lifted some of the blocks.

OH helped me remove the glass - we've filled a wheelie bin and a couple of plastic tubs. Out of all that glass we managed to rescue only three pieces ... it would have been four, but I smashed it trying to remove it from the clips ! grrrr ... or is that Doh !!

OH thinks that the frame might be salvageable, but it's twisted pretty badly, so I think I might be giving the scrap man a call. It looks OK in this shot, but it's pretty bad in reality ... and of course I don't have any glass !

With the greenhouse gone, I had chance to access the hedge behind it. Lopping at the branches yet again for what seems like the 99th-million time, I got really cross and decided sod it ... let's just say that I have have 'thinned' my side of the hedge a little. Well a lot. Actually rather drastically - very drastically in fact ! haha ... take that hedge !!

I now have an enormous bonfire pile once again :)

I've been trying to get some manure delivered over the Christmas holidays, but our regular contact has run out ! So that is on hold temporarily, but I must get some this season - the soil is really poor.

As usual I have a growing list of jobs to attend to; next weekend, I'm planning to thin and perhaps move the raspberries to a different bed. I'm also going to dig up the tree behind the greenhouse that has so far produced three apples ! I've been given some beautiful blackcurrants, so need to plant those once the soil has thawed out. Then it'll be cracking on with all the usual maintenance jobs.

OH and I were almost casualties of the weather too ! On Christmas morning we thought we'd go for a lovely stroll to one of the local beauty spots, Stanage Edge. Oh yes ... lovely stroll LOL.

We fought against the wind to get to the top of the edge and then once there we fought to remain on terra firma !

Not surprisingly we only saw a few hardy fools and one dog .. we soon beat a retreat to the warmth and quiet of the house :)

So happy new year to everyone, hope you all enjoyed the holidays ! Looking forward to catching up with what everyone is doing - here's to another year ... off we go again !


  1. Constipated cows? Think positively if the greenhouse hadn't been destroyed you wouldn't have been able to sort out the hedge and it made a good photo!

    Seriously though that is really bad luck!

  2. Sue I like your positive attitude ! Seems there's been a run on the old manure ... next delivery not until Spring - but of course that will need to be matured for a year :)

  3. Great photo of the Leaning Jez of Stanage

  4. shame I had the camera wonky ... when I straightened the horizon I lost his head hahah ! still he'll never know wink wink.