Monday, 31 October 2011


Some friends threw down the gauntlet for scariest outfits for a Halloween party ... be warned, they are a bit gruesome ... but no one was hurt, it's all makeup and paint :)

This is my practice makeup practice run. Unfortunately for the poor delivery man, I forgot I had zombie makeup on and a zombie baby eating it's way out of my fake tummy went I went to answer the door - I've never seen anyone throw a parcel and run so fast LOL. At least I hadn't added the fake blood at this stage ;)

Here we all are at the beginning of the night:

Me and OH in our final makeup. I'm a zombie and he has 'unzipped' his face:

You can't actually tell from these photos, but we shaved a wide stripe in his hair all the way around the back and painted a fake cut and stitches - as if he'd had a Lobotomy ... it was a little too effective and I'm sure that some people actually thought he'd had surgery :)

This is my final outfit with fake blood added. I drew lots of gasps and double looks when people saw zombie baby ! You wouldn't believe how many people asked if I was actually pregnant (and before anyone gives me any cheek that's half of a pillow stuffed up my top ...)