Monday, 17 October 2011

Sheffield Council - Allotment Workshops

Bit late I know, just getting back into the habit of blogging ... you wait for months and then get spammed with three posts in three days :)

In case you haven't seen the letter, here are the brief details:

Sheffield Council will be running 4 workshops to address key themes for the future of the Allotment service:

1 Provide an update on the workshops that were run in 2009
2 Consult and inform customers on the allotment rent review process (remember this is the proposal to rise rents quite dramatically over the next 4-5 years)
3 Identify and discuss issues facing us in the future.

Aim is to understand both current and prospective tenant's views.

Tuesday 18 October (Norfolk Heritage Park)
Wednesday 19 October (Hillsbrough)
25th October (Meersbrook) - almost full
25th October (Mosbrough)

I think all timings are 6.30pm, but as that vital piece of information (along with half of the dates) was missing from the letter (DOH !) you might want to call the office and double check.

I believe if you are interested in attending you need to call the office on: 0114 2734528 or email:


  1. So the windy weather is all your fault then eh?!!!
    Sheffield Council's being a bit of a bugger over the allotments - not impressed with them ...not that my vote'll count for anything as I don't have a lottie and I don't live in Sheffield, but hey! :)

  2. hey Liz - well actually it was quite good. They may not action anything we say, but at least they took the time to listen to us and get our feedback (for a change). They were pushing self management which wasn't surprising. Sadly our committee couldn't organise their way out of a paper bag ... it would be a complete disaster. Suspect the original rent rises will go through.