Sunday, 16 October 2011

Enough procrastinating !

So here is what I did today: dug over the onion bed, garlic bed, bean & pea bed:

Weeded the strawberry bed:

and the squash bed and the greenhouse bed:

So I've had a good appraisal today of what needs to be done, but actually, as I've dug over 50% in a day, in theory it shouldn't take long to lick into shape. I have a list (as always):

- cut down all raspberries, dig them ALL up .... dig up the bloody bindweed, replant raspberries.
- order manure and actually get it delivered .... no procrastinating now Michelle !
- take up the path between the onion & garlic bed to make a bigger bed
- relocate the greenhouse benches to the concrete and accept that my g/h is never going to get put up
- get some new pallets for the compost area that is now very dilapidated

I decided to get tough ! I've ripped up the flowering crab apple that doesn't actually produced any crab apples ... just flowers. The 'big' 'apple' tree (not that it's produced more than 3 apples in 5 years) is next on my hit list. As I nearly snapped my spade trying to dig up the crab apple (you'd think I'd learn after my last encounter) I shall be sawing it down :)

Nick arrived after a while and told me that he'd had a letter from the allotment office telling him to tidy up his plot or give it up ! Apparently the main issue was the 'grass' that was growing ... turned out to his rye ... he'd dug in most of it, leaving a little so he could collect seeds. Hmmm, not much to be said to that !

This is my Spring sown artichoke - it is still very small - I'm not sure it'll make it through the winter, so I'm debating whether to pot it up and put it in the greenhouse until March.

I seem to have a random rocket plant growing:

The jerusalem artichokes are in full flower

as they are about my only crop left on the plot, I thought I'd dig some up ... watch out, expecting the weather to change next week - maybe a little windy haha

Here is my entry for comedy vegetables - not the greatest photo, but it looks a bit like a donkey or a dog maybe :) :)

Here is my lovely hemp plant ! it'll be going on to the compost heap once I get around to digging over the brick bed.

Interesting that some things never change ! No matter what time of year, they are regular as clockwork !

Here is my compost heap, newly fed:

The last of the summer flowers:

I'm pleased to see that my pond is still nice and full - earlier in the summer I was worried it had a leak, now I now know that it was just a lack of water ! I'm determined this year to thin out those iris:

Look at the state of our car park - I'm going to complain to the Alloment Officers - it's ridiculous - there are now only two spaces to park. There are about 5 hoovers sticking out of this pile ... not quite sure how they're going to compost !