Tuesday, 14 August 2012

One of our community partners at work is the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and they recently hosted a film & supper evening.  

Supper consisted of homegrown produce from Stirley Farm:

** Nettle Pesto ** crackers ** sweet beetroot & garlic 'pickle' **
followed by 
** potato & cheese pie **
(with meaty option for the meatysaurus')

The nettle pesto was very interesting - for those adventurous sorts, here is a copy of the recipe, with thanks to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust / Chris Bax from Taste the Wild:

Really Wild Pesto

40g Hazel nuts
60g cheese (Parmesan or a more local cheese, if you like)
10 Wild Garlic leaves chopped
2 large (gloved!) handfuls of nettles, blanched and then patted dry
10g sea salt flakes
Oil (olive oil or Yorkshire Rapeseed oil, if you want to make local pesto!)

For a very smooth pesto put all the ingredients apart from the oil into a food processor and blend briefly. Now with the motor running add enough oil to make a paste consistency. Put into jars and store in the fridge for up to 10 days.

For a more course textured pesto, use a pestle and mortar. Start by pounding the hazel nuts, then add the leaves, then the cheese and lastly add the oil to get a good sauce consistency.

Top tip - apparently the nettles need to be very young ... let me know if you try it :)