Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Jack Frost

Jack Frost paid a visit to the lottie last week. I think we had two nights of frost and very low day time temperatures. Unfortunately my lovely courgette plants have been burnt and my Vales Emerald Potatoes have also been caught. The potatoes will grow through it and I think two of my courgettes are definitely OK (they have new leaves appearing), but I'm not sure about the other three courgettes. I'll need to keep my eye on them. I have some photos somewhere showing the 'burnt' foliage.

We've really suffered with the elements this week - frost, low temperatures, terrible wind, fog and now today we've had torrential rain. This is the result for my broadies:

broadbeans copy

Fortunately my seedlings are doing very well (touch wood). All three lines of salad have popped through the surface. This is the Oriental mix:

Oriental Salad copy

and here are my baby beetroots:

Beetroot copy

I'm going to plant up my melon at the weekend. I'm going to plant one in the glass greenhouse .. or maybe two:

Melon copy

In the potting shed, I've finally got some beans - canelloni & borlotti (I think!):

beans copy

The bean poles outside have not fared very well in the strong winds this week and I'll need to do some repairs. No sign yet of the beans that I direct sowed, but I appear to have missed several potatoes, which are popping up all over the bean bed.

My sweetcorn is looking really good, but I think it needs another couple of weeks inside before I plant it out.

Sweetcorn copy

I think I'll give the squashes another week inside too - they're not going to do much outside anyway if the temperature doesn't pick up. I've run out of manure, so I think I'll have to buy some from a garden centre over the weekend .. I really can't face barrowing a tractor trailor load just yet. Maybe in the autumn.

Squash copy

Finally, here are my peas, they are a little bedraggled with the wind and the rain, but still looking good ... be just my luck that they end up with pea moth .... Lookey at my lovely supports :)

pEAS copy