Monday, 19 May 2008

Un-identified Foreign Objects

What the heck are these. I scraped out the last of the manure to plant up my potatoes (oh yes, they are finally in) and spotted these luminous fellas. I thought they were shrimp at first (until I engaged brain). Up close, they are shaped exactly like wasps, only a bright orange / pink colour with tiny black dots for eyes. They were about the length of my finger nail. Not knowing whether they are goodies or meanies, I threw them back into the empty manure store

wierd things copy

Here are the potatoes, nicely tucked up in their new bed. I planted 10 of Kestrel (yes, I know its a bit late) and 20 (I think!) of King Edward. My Vales Emerald are just to the left of the photograph.

potatoes copy

I've planted out my courgettes, two at the end of the beetroot / salad bed and three in front of the bean bed. I hope I have not been too keen, as it seems we may have had a frost here last night. I meant to cover them with fleece, but forgot. Oh well, I'll see how they fared at the weekend.

courgettes copy

I couldn't resist any longer and finally pulled a couple of the carrots that were sown last November. They are very pale, but I'm not sure if that was the variety (which I've long forgotten), or if its because there has not been enough sunshine. They have a very delicate flavour and smell much more strongly than they taste. They are also slightly chewy.

Carrots copy

The plants in the wildflower garden are huge and there is some interesting foliage appearing:

wildflowers copy

First I had dandelions, then I had clocks, now I have lots of stalks. Everywhere I look, there are little seeds floating along on the wind. I think next season my beds will be covered in dandelions:

clock copy

I think these are Ladybird eggs, as a few minutes before I took the photograph, there was a Ladybird on the wall:

ladybirdeggs copy

The privet at the end of the lottie has doubled in size, but as I set about chopping it down, I realised that there is a nest concealed within the branches. Fortunately it appears to be empty, it seems quite big, so I don't think it belonged to my little Robin:

Nest copy

Last years Ox Eye Daisys are huge, I may need to think about thinning them next year, otherwise they'll engulf everything else:

OxEyeDaisy copy

I found an interesting visitor on the raspberry leaves. I need to get my bug book out to try and identify him.

bug copy

... and finally, perhaps I've gone mad ... this is indeed grass and it has been potted up ! Our cat and kitten are absolutely obsessed with little pots of grass. They cuddle it, play with it, pounce on it, eat it, sit next to it, sleep with it, squirm around it ... you name it in fact. Whenever the pot of grass goes for watering, we all have to go - they are so excited by it. The first thing they do in the morning is go and give the grass a kiss !

kittiegrass copy