Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Finally I've tackled the raspberry bed and removed all of the weeds. Quite a few new canes have appeared, so I've replanted them and put a path in between ... OH will be very pleased when he visits next time:

Raspberrybed1 copy

I've made a bit of progress on the weeds at the end of the plot, but there is still a bit to go. It does look better though. With a bit of effort hopefully I'll have cleared it by the end of the weekend ... which is good 'cos my tatties still need planting ! Most people will be eating theirs by the time I get mine in:

raspberrybed copy

This is my plum tree, I'm a bit worried about it and am hoping that the recent frost has damaged it, rather than it being something more serious .. I might write to Blackburn's to seek advice from them. It doesn't look as though I'll be getting any plums this year. The second photo is of the bits that have died.

plum1 copy
plum copy

My list is going quite well so far - I've even managed to stake the brambly apple tree. No sign of blossom yet, but hopefully it'll burst into flower soon. The crabapple blossom is almost finished.

Whilst moving some stuff around, I uncovered a little voles nest, its empty, so either the little babies have left or it was a backup nest.

volenest copy

Last job of the night was to water my peas and the beetroot bed.