Monday, 12 May 2008

Monday ...

Well I've had quite a productive evening, I've managed to sow one third of a bed with beetroot - Detroit 2 and Detroit 6 somethingorother:

Beetroot copy

I've also managed to stake the peas for the very first time since I've had my lottie ... I feel it going to be a really good year for my peas, they look fab :)

peabed copy

Pea copy

I've been rounding up my spare strawberries, some are now settled into the glass greenhouse and the others have gone into the bed in front of the glass greenhouse.

strawberries copy

Stuff in the potting shed is really coming along - I've potted on 40 Marigolds and so far they are faring much better than last year (the meeces ate most of them last year):

Marigold copy

this is some Fennel that has self seeded in the glass greenhouse - I'm not sure when to harvest it though ...

fennel copy

I've also got lots of tiny Mizuna seedlings and what looks to be 99,000 baby tomato seedlings:

Mizuna copy

Here are the Jerusalem Artichokes that I didn't get around to harvesting this winter ... I'm going to be overrun with them this year !

Jerusalem Artichokes copy

My thyme is looking really pretty at the moment:

Thyme copy