Monday, 9 June 2008

better late than never ...

Camera is recharged - here are the rest of the photos from yesterday. This is the plot looking down, with my back to the gate:

lottie2 copy

Here is my baby cauliflower, I think I spied another one forming too. This one is about the size of a tennis ball at the moment:

cauliflower copy

The peas are just showing their first flowers:

peaflower copy

Here is my first lot of sweetcorn - I did a quick count this evening and they are all still there. The are about the length of my hand at the moment.

Sweetcorn copy

One of the carrots in the brick bed is getting ready to flower - I'm going to try and collect the seed when it does. I wonder what it will look like. It seems to have about 5 flowers developing at the moment:

carrotflower copy

Perhaps it was a mistake planting broadbeans in the same bed as the Alfalfa. They both overwintered, but the Alfalfa is now engulfing the beans - it is just over knee height:

Alfalfa copy

I still have about 5 foxgloves left, despite having to dig up quite a few yesterday to make way for the squash. I've got delicate pink and very strong pink. This photo is taken against the rye

Foxglove copy

Here is the pond. I have started to dig out the jungle behind it. Gawd, its going to take me ages.

pond copy

waterlilly2 copy