Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lush, Lush, Lush

May is an amazing month, everything is so lush and green. I've been feeling that the lottie is getting away from me lately, as I'd forgotten just how wild the wild bits go, but by the time I'd finished today, I felt as if it is a little more under control.

Today I planted out my Avalon Squashes, well four of them anyway.

AvalonSquash copy

I had to clear some weeds and foxgloves from the beds and they look so much better. I've also cut back the top hedge between me and Nick - I hadn't realised how much it had grown, but the path had disappeared and the hedge was starting to shade the beds. I took up most of the remaining leeks to make way for the fourth squash - I've left three leeks in situ, as they are about to burst into flower and I'm curious to see what they look like - hopefully I'll be able to havest some seed too.

This shot is from the glass greenhouse, looking up the plot to the entrance.

lottie copy

Whilst having one of my many breaks today (it has been extremely hot) I was delighted to spot that one of my cauliflowers has finally developed a curd. Its very small and I've wrapped it up as best as I can. The plants are being chomped by something - the are pretty big, so I don't think its pigeons, I guess its more likely to be caterpillars.

I've also managed to plant out my first variety of sweetcorn - they are sharing a bed with a squash and two courgettes. I hope they don't shade the beans too much.

Look at this lovely wooden trellis that someone kindly gave to me over the weekend. They have also given me some picket fencing and some wellington boots :)

trellis copy

It is a lovely sea-green colour. I've set some black nasturtiums to climb up it - they match beautifully .. I have my fingers crossed that the flippin slugs don't eat them.

BlackNasturtium copy

Half of the marigolds have been eaten in the glass greenhouse. This is not a disaster as I've sown plenty and I'd rather have them as a sacrificial offering, than lose my tomatoes and melons. The replacements are just about to burst into flower.

I've discovered a few more rogue strawberries and have moved them to the new bed:

strawberries copy

I wonder when they will start to ripen ...

Strawberry copy

Hmm, I came across this chrysalis next to the rhubarb ... I don't know if its a goodie, or a baddie, although everything seems to turn out to be a baddie, so maybe I should have squished it instead of leaving it in situ.

meaniegoodie copy

Here are the first of the blueberries, there don't see to be as many as last year, I'm hoping its just a little slow getting going

Blueberries copy

Here is a shot of the wild flower garden - the tall spikey thing has a flower forming. I'm thinking it may be carnivorous, as it seems to be collecting insect soup at the base of its leaves.

wildflowergarden copy

The phacelia has burst into flower and is covered in bees. I've posted four pictures because I had no idea that the pollen that the bees collect changed colour depending on what plants they were visiting - if you look carefully you'll see blue bundles on the bees legs. Does everyone know this, is it a commonly known fact ? OH was surprised. I think the final shot shows it best.

bluebee2 copy

bluebee copy

Bluebee4 copy

Bluebee3 copy