Friday, 6 June 2008

Get the flags out !

Behold ! Not one, not two, not three ... but four [very expensive] Bella Cucumbers have germinated and grown large enough to be potted on. I am very pleased :) just hope I can keep them alive :( I'm not sure where they are going to go yet - maybe I'll see if they survive first.

Bella copy

My tomatoes are all looking very healthy, but one of the unidentified ones has developed some yellow mottling. I'm not sure if it is deficient in something or not - its the only one, so its a bit strange. Looks very strong though.

yellowmottledtomatoleaf copy

The ones that I've planted into the greenhouse border are already bigger. This weekend I need to get some supports sorted out, otherwise it'll be like every other year where they grow much faster than I anticipate and then I struggle to support them properly. The greenhouse has quite a few panes of glass missing now, so I need to try and find some glass to replaced them. I think I'll leave the two missing roof panes though, as it is very handy when it rains.

My Kestrel and King Edwards are both poking through the soil. OH is worried that I've not planted enough this year, but I think he forgets just how many we've thrown away this year. If we manage to use them all I'll be extremely pleased.

potatoes copy

My peppers are still fairly small, but the plants are very healthy. I hope I didn't start them too late. I need them to grow a bit more before they go into their final pots (ring culture). I think they'll go into the brick greenhouse, but I'm having a few maintenance issues at the minute. I don't think either the potting shed or the brick greenhouse are going to last another season without some serious maintenance (knocking down and rebuilding should cover it).

pepper copy

The peas are really growing well and OH has tied a third string to the supports ... I hope they don't grow too much bigger ! No sign of any flowers yet. I'm wondering if the second and third rows are a little close, but never mind, too late to do anything about it now.

pEAS copy

Two of my frost bitten courgettes have fully recovered and look great (below). Two are OK and I think will pull round but the fifth one has died.

courgettes copy

The yellow flag iris is just bursting into flower:

flagiris2 copy

Flagiris copy

Apparently the wild flower garden looks like a jungle at the moment. I have no idea what most of the things are ... I'll have to get my wild flower book out (again)

Look at the bloomin spikes on this one - its huge too:

Spikeything copy

wildthing3 copy

although this one looks very pretty, it is also a bit spikey:

wildthing2 copy

wildthing copy

I know this one ! Red clover:

redclover copy

The squash have been potted on and are currently in the glass greenhouse 'hardening off'. The sweetcorn are also hardening off, but sadly for them no cosy greenhouse. They are in their pots, outside. Fortunately it has been nice and warm today ... oh well, I have another 25 in the potting shed if they die ! I think I'm going to have to try and dig a new bed to get everything in this year. Noticed that Ken's swedes have been stripped ... either by pigeons (very likely) or possibly caterpillars. I'll probably find little stalks sticking up from the soil tomorrow :)