Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Look at my lovely butt ...

OK, if that got your attention, hopefully its got OH's too ... hurry up and fill up my water butts, they are practically empty !!

Oh dear, I've had two casualties recently, the first was a very young bird, too young to have fledged. The second was this little fella:

baby copy

They both appear to have fallen into the pond and then drowned. I wonder if its partly due to the wild flowers that are now overhanging the pond.

wildflowers copy

The three rows of salad are gradually making an appearance. I think they are being munched, but they do looking to be making progress:

Lettuce copy

Salad copy

Hmm, looks like we missed the first raspberry .. notice that my strawberries are disappearing too, I really must try and net them:

Raspberry copy

Tonight for pudding we had a bowl full of strawberries, with homemade shortbread and whipped cream .... mmmmm, they were gorgeous. No photo, but take my word for it, they tasted as good as they looked.

I was thrilled to see that the pea plants are dripping with baby peas .. the pods are irrisistable at this stage, they are so sweet.

Pea copy

My sweetcorn is starting to grow - I still have another 20+ in the potting shed to plant out:

Sweetcorn copy

yum, we enjoyed my first cauliflower at the weekend, sadly the cheese sauce didn't quite go to plan, but it was good nonetheless. Here is no. 2, making rapid progress and I notice that the others have more or less all developed tiny curds.

cauliflower2 copy

I think the experiment can definitely be classed a success and I'll be sowing my next batch come late autumn again.

My Jerusalem Artichokes are coming along nicely, they are now just higher than the foxgloves. My staking seems to be working:

Jerusalemarthichokes copy

This Feverfew self-seeded, its looking very pretty now, although it is being overshadowed by the Ox Eye Daisies, which have gone barmy with the recent rain:

Feverfew copy

oxeyedaisies copy

Foxglove copy

The onion bed is full of self-seeded poppies, they are really big and look as if they are about to pop:

Poppy copy

The bees are still buzzing around the Phacelia, but its looking past its best now - it has all blown over, following the gusty winds that we experienced at the weekend.

Bee4 copy