Wednesday, 3 February 2010

if in doubt close your eyes and have a little sleep :)

Crikey what a start to the year we have had. It is currently snowing AGAIN in Sheffield. My drive home tonight took 3.5 hours and was very, erm, exciting at times ...

Had a bit of a worring week when I realised that other plot holders in Sheffield received their rent demands from the council in December. Quick email has confirmed that they did indeed send an invoice out, but for some reason I didn't get it - although thinking about the postal strike, the weather and the 4 different post men we have had while I've been off work I suppose it's not really that surprising. So the good news is that my plot hasn't been given away to anyone and a new invoice is on it's way ... a note is being made on my file - make of that what you will !

No sign of the seeds I ordered at the beginning of January, but there's an allotment meeting on Sunday, so hopefully I'll find out when they are due. OH has confirmed that the pet shop have received their seed potatoes ... I've not had chance yet to get there to see what they have. The way my luck is going this year, they'll have none left :(

At least my foot is making good progress. I've almost lost my limp and every day the movement and flexibility get better and better. I'm seeing a physiotherapist weekly and she's given me lots of exercises to do. I've managed my first night dancing, well I use the term loosely haha, but I was there in body at least ... lottie next :)