Sunday, 28 February 2010

STILL freezing :(

Popped up to the lottie this morning to find the whole place is a total mudbath. Way too wet to do anything with the soil and the greenhouse is still really cold. Grabbed my stock of seeds that I keep in the brick greenhouse (checked inside the bag first to ensure no little mousey surprises were waiting for me) to drool over later.

Popped down to the lottie shop to start clearing the greenhouse in preparation for the plant sale that we are going to have on site in May. Spent an hour or so chucking dead plants / emptying pots etc, then beat a hasty retreat.

Hope we get some sunshine soon - actually even a week without snow might be good.


  1. rubbish isn't it, some sun soon please!

  2. I planted a cherry tree this afternoon; now there's an act of faith (and I don't even like cherries).