Saturday, 6 March 2010

The days are getting longer at last :)

Well we've only had a couple of half-hearted attempts at snowing this week, so perhaps Spring is about to spring into life. I saw my first lamb this week - there is something magical about those gorgeous little animals gambling around fields without a care in the world.

It is still really cold, but I really felt the need to start some seeds off, especially for the plant sale, so today I have sown:

Cauliflower - All The Year Round
Red Cabbage - Drum Head
Cat Grass for my naughty kitties
Leeks - Musselburgh
African Marigolds
Giant Sunflowers
Red Poppies
Purple Poppies
oops I forgot: broccoli & swiss chard !

They are all in the glass greenhouse, so fingers crossed.

We have a lottie meeting tomorrow so I'm taking all of my tomatoes & peppers to put into the seed oven (a wooden rack, covered in polythene with a parafin heater at the bottom). Got lots of flower seeds to sow too. The little meeces have raided my seeds - I've got lots of chewed packets and escapee beans spilling everywhere.

Once it warms up a little I'll be sowing my squashes - I seem to have about 10 varities somehow. I am getting a little anxious about where they are all going to go ! Managed to get half way through the brick potato bed now - Charlottes are looking a little past their best now, so I really need to get a shifty on and dig them all up - I have an awful feeling that I've got a full bed of Cara at the other end of the lottie ... eek.

It doesn't seem as though I'll be able to get much digging done during March - the ground is saturated, so looks like I'll be doing my 'big dig' at Easter.