Sunday, 21 March 2010

haha that'll teach me !

My beautiful tomatoes that have self sown in the greenhouse are not all they seem ! The second leaves have arrived and they very frilly and not at all tomatoey. Looks like the plants are Phacelia !! Darn-it. I should have known :) Oh well, they are potted up and ready for the plant sale.

The greenhouse is a fabulous temperature and the red cabbages, cauliflowers, purple sprouting broccoli & swiss chard have all geminated. I spent an hour this morning pricking some out - we were chatting about perhaps selling them via the shop as they will probably need to be planted before the May plant sale. The purple & red poppies, the giant sunflowers & the lavetera have just germinated. Not much happening with the others yet.

purple sprouting broccoli


The weather was so lovely today I was seduced into planting my squashes ... hope its not too soon. The greenhouse is already quite full, goodness knows where everything is going to go.

Looks like I cleared the pond just in time - the first frogspawn has appeared ! Two froggies in the pond today doing a little bit of croaking.


I've planted my red onions - they are safely tucked up in the brick bed. I've managed to dig over another two beds, so that's 4 in total now. One of those had the Cara potatoes in. As expected they haven't fared very well at all. Most of them have critter damage. I've brought home around half that are either OK, or just have a little bit of damage. Doesn't look like it would have been a very big crop even if I'd dug them up last year. Note to self - don't buy as many this season !

I've weeded the rhubarb - it's taking a surprising long time to get going ... I may put a bucket over it and force it.


OH cleared the area in front of the brick greenhouse and put some staging up for me - this will be really helpful later in the season. I'm hoping that he and his mate are going to knock down the brick greenhouse and build the 15ft glass greenhouse that I was given. Hopefully it will be in place for next spring :)


Found a gorgeous little mousey nest when clearing up the rubbish - it's been crafted out of an old artichoke


The weeds are waking up :(


Looks like we'll be having a bonfire next week - where does it all come from !