Saturday, 27 March 2010

no snow here thank you

another glorious day in Sheffield ...what's all this talk of snow ... really hoping it's a rumour !

So today I was delighted to see that the poppies are germinating, I can see the different colours of the swiss chard seedlings, my leeks have appeared and I've got baby tomatoes (definitely tomatoes LOL).

Spend an hour of so pricking out seedlings for my lottie this morning - kept 12 swiss chard (do I even like it ??), 12 cauliflowers, 6 cabbages & 6 broccoli (OH hates them LOL) and about 10 tomatoes. Tomorrow I'll prick out a tonne more for the plant sale.

I dug over 3 beds this afternoon. The first bed gave me a surprise .. I'd totally forgotten about the Jerusalem artichokes ! what a great surprise. I've packaged up some to sell at the shop - 5 tuber packs - is £1 too much I wonder. Some we'll have for tea ... will have to be wedges I think (or soup if I can muster some energy) as we've had a disaster and broken our beloved chip fryer !

The boys turned up this afternoon - finally. thought they'd forgotten the way. They took care of my bonfire and did a bit of chopping. It looks so much better - at this rate, I'm in danger of having to dig over the jungle ! They uncovered the bluebells, which I've finally managed to relocate to the flower bed - hopefully I didn't kill them. I've dug up another 99million ox eye daisies. There are still thousands left

Got 4 froggies in the pond, who've been croaking away in appreciate to Jonathan Ross. Strangely though the frogspawn has sunk ... wonder what that means. The pond is lovely and clear. I can see the cowslips are coming back to life and the wild flowers look to be waking up.

No photos because we can't find the stupid camera charger and I've managed to flatten my battery !

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  1. Don't worry, your frogspawn is fine. It is only newly laid spawn which floats at the top of a pond, after a few days it naturally sinks.